Website Design and Development

From brand new websites developed from the ground up to existing website overhauls, sales funnel creation and implementation, and robust ecommerce, we create dynamic and engaging web properties for every need and budget.

Your Website: A Lead Generating Machine

Your website should not only look great, it should function clearly and be easy to use. The main goal should be to convert visitors into customers. This is often overlooked but is an essential and important aspect of a truly successful website.

What is your story? What makes you, your business, products or services unique? How can that be integrated into a design and functionality plan to engage your audience and turn them from visitors into leads and actual customers? These are the questions we ask and answer when we build your web property, so that instead of collecting digital dust your website generates actual dollars.

Web Development Case Studies


Fireboy-Xintex at a glance:

  • National sales and support site for a global leader in marine fire and detection systems, CO and gas detection systems and more
  • Large site with constantly changing products, support materials and specs
  • Monthly management and search engine optimization
  • Additional site buildouts
  • Video production projects in the works

Fireboy-Xintex is one of our long-running clients and is a global leader in fire detection and suppression industry, both on the water and off.  We not only rebuilt their aging site from the ground up, we also helped to define their sales message and search engine positioning, re-tooled the resource download system and currently manage both the site maintenance (which is extensive considering their products change regularly) and the search engine optimization efforts.  Through our efforts they have achieved and maintain numerous number 1 rankings in the SERPs.  Fireboy has also trusted us with the development and maintenance of their site company site, Aetna Engineering, as well as the UK branch, Fireboy-Xintex UK.

Zeeland Farm Services

Zeeland Farm Service at a glance:

  • National marketing site for a large supplier of agricultural sales and service
  • Massive site with constantly changing service offerings, support materials and product specifications
  • ZFS has employed us to handle their entire network of sites, including sites for their Zoye Oil Brand, Anew Travel Centers, and various other branch websites nationwide.
  • Project has now been extended to a multi-company intranet site housing the entire employee network, with social interaction, employee news feeds, company specific work groups, employee store and wide variety of additional intranet functionality.

Zeeland Farm Services is a wonderful client of ours and a perfect example of dedication and vision coming together to realize success across a wide variety of projects.  When we met them, ZFS was using broken and antiquated CMS systems for website management that made it almost impossible for them to properly update their sites, much less grow them in any reasonable way. Altogether we have finished seven separate websites of varying scope for ZFS and its subsidiaries and are finishing up the 8th and largest-- a multi-company intranet with a variety of exciting communication and management features.